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Sting Viper Speed Focus Mitt

Sting Viper Speed Focus Mitt

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The ultra-lightweight Sting Viper Speed Focus Mitt by Sting Sports is designed to support speed and agility training for fighters of all shapes and sizes.

The Viper’s premium expertly moulded leather outer layer provides second-to-none durability and a larger strike area whilst still boasting a lightweight make. Fighters can also enjoy Sting’s superior Quad Core system for equal weight management, comfort, and performance when training with the Viper Speed Focus Mitt. 

These focus mitts are just as supportive as they are comfortable, with Neo Gel for reduced fatigue, and increased shock absorption for ultimate hand and wrist protection. Gel Fusion technology in the Viper Speed Focus Mitt also supports strike energy management and increased endurance. 

Available in many striking colour schemes and fitted with hook and loop wrist straps for added security and support, the Viper Speed Focus Mitt is designed to suit fighters of all shapes and sizes. Fighters can also enjoy a 6-month manufacturer’s warranty* on their Viper Speed Focus Mitt for total assurance that their new training essential is built to last.

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