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Sting Armalite Boxing Glove

Sting Armalite Boxing Glove

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Nothing says high endurance like Sting's Armalite’s SLV3 outer skin, designed for increased durability and optimal power and performance. Make it your go-to beginner boxing glove to or daily sparring glove! 

Sting’s Armalite Boxing Gloves are also fitted with a 3D heat and moisture management liner system that helps fighters stay cool and comfortable through even the gnarliest sparring sessions. The superior design of the Armalite’s round-shouldered glove means your hands and knuckles stay protected even throughout the toughest of workouts. And with Armalite’s Hi Flow Core system, fighters can enjoy balanced weight distribution for peak stability both in and out of the ring.

Available in 10oz, 12oz, and 16oz glove weights (available weights vary for different glove colourings) the Armalite Boxing Gloves are poised to be the perfect new addition to your boxing gym bag.

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