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Sting Arma Youth Boxing Glove

Sting Arma Youth Boxing Glove

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Junior fighters deserve boxing gloves that don’t skimp on build quality. That’s why Sting developed the Arma Junior Boxing Gloves. Fitted with the same Hi Flow Core System and contoured square-shouldered mould that you can find in all of Sting’s competition-grade boxing gloves, the Arma Junior delivers even weight distribution and superior impact absorption to keep young fighters safe both in and out of the ring. 

The Arma Junior’s Comfortline 3D heat and moisture management liner system also ensure that junior fighters can train harder for longer, without having to worry about excess moisture and odours. Sting’s Arma Junior Boxing Gloves boast a high-performance T3 outer skin for protection and longevity. In other words, the Arma Junior is designed to be the only boxing glove your junior fighter will need until they graduate from their fight academy.

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